Welcome to Lough Neagh Crystal


Crystal making in Tyrone

Lough Neagh Crystal has been formed with the aspiration of the former craftsmen of Tyrone Crystal with the determination, passion and pride to bring back to Tyrone and Northern Ireland the craft and skill of blowing and hand-cutting crystal whilst keeping a lifelong tradition and history alive.


These craftsmen feel so strongly about the history, the skill and the iconic products they crafted for years that they could not allow such a tradition to disappear and on that basis have reintroduced the art of crystal making. These same people are amongst some of the first who trained and worked in Tyrone Crystal since 1971 and have maintained their skill and craft since. In Lough Neagh Crystal they will use the skills they mastered to produce some of the finest crystal pieces available.


Lough Neagh is an iconic name associated with Tyrone and Northern Ireland and when translated in Irish is loch nEachach – Eochaidh being the horse God of the Irish Celts, hence the logo depicting a horse. Lough Neagh Crystal in keeping with history and respecting tradition has therefore incorporated a horse into their logo.


We encourage any crystal enquires you may have in order to help Lough Neagh Crystal establish crystal making facilities that the general public can visit and to assist us in our plans to open a small retail unit by late 2011.